Qigong Online Classes – Gongong Style – Ovidiu Pescarasu
Gongong is the qigong of smile, relaxation, harmony and serious-mindness

About Gongong Qigong Online Classes

Qigong is the artistry of working with one’s own energy, it symbolizes peace, strength and flexibility of body and mind.
Through qigong (chi kung) we can understand “the ten thousand things”, we can transcend duality and achieve uniqueness, we can integrate into the state of universal balance and harmony.
Gongong is a relaxed, smiling and simultaneously serious vision of the whole manifestation.
Gongong stands for perfect breathing, perfect posture, perfect attitude.
It signifies to live without reflecting upon living.

Online Qigong Courses
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Qigong classes online, which aim to harmonize the individual with the universe, with his own mind, heart and breath.

Gongong Qigong – techniques

Among the techniques taught are “The 10 Symbols of Longevity”, “The 8 Parts of Brocade”, “Five Animals Frolics”, “The Dragon Journey in Five Shapes”, “Yi Jin Jing”, ” The 5 Healing Beams”, “Gathering the Energy through Lotus Flower “, “Golden Brocade – Sitting Form” and many other techniques for energy collection and refining.

These are techniques specific to the Gongong School, but also exercises present in most Qigong academies and schools of thought, the latter being known in a multitude of interpretations. The forms taught in the courses embody the Gongong vision, focused on the relaxation, fluidity of the mind, body and the entire individual manifestation.
The Gongong Qigong online classes are organized Monday-Tuesday evening and Thursday, via Zoom platform.

The Teacher – Ovidiu Pescarasu

Ovidiu Pescarasu – martial arts practician for over 25 years.
5 DAN Karate Goju-Ryu, 1 DAN Tai-Jitsu, graduate of the National School of Coaches, Martial Arts.
For a period of time he has been practicing Wushu under the guidance of Professor Zhu Rong Fu.
Former Vice President of the Qigong National Federation.
He has made numerous trips to Asia, where he attended various internships and met masters from whom he apprehended techniques in various styles.
He teaches Qigong and self-defense techniques inspired by karate, tai-jitsu, wushu and boxing.


Qigong techniques
Qigong exercises for loosing weight – energy regulation of the body
The practice program for Gongong Qigong exercises
Gathering energy through larva-like moves
Vibrant Qigong – expelling negative energy and returning to childhood
The Dragon Journey in 5 Shapes [Qigong Internal Exercise, Higher Level]
Emitting energy through your palms, with sound
Body Breathing – Merging with the Universe
Wu Ji – Qigong Posture – Indications
The 6 Healing Sounds (Liu Zi Jue Qigong) – Effective in Treating Pulmonary Diseases
Zhan Zhuang Sword Fingers
Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin)